SPEC SP & SPEC Ten Drama and Movie

by fatsoko

One question: what were the writers smoking when they scripted this joke?

I’ll admit that I laughed a few times, but it was more because the story was so ridiculous than well-timed or even funny.


SP: When a killer with a teleportation SPEC massacres innocent civilians and a SPEC holder, Toma and Sebumi end up protecting the one remaining survivor who saw the killer. Toma’s SPEC is revealed as the ability to summon dead SPEC users in order to borrow their powers.

TEN: Ninomae is alive and has gone back to his evil ways, gathering a small, but elite group of flamboyant assassins. At the same time, there is a secret Order following the prophecy of a future savior. Also, Sebumi’s past lover and former comrade from America appears with a five year old girl.

Strong Points

The chemistry between Sebumi and Toma is still great. Their rapport is always so fluid, going from friendly bickering to I-fucking-love-you-so-I’m-going-to-bitch-you-out. I love tough love. For the SP, I loved Toma’s SPEC and understanding a little more about her psyche. For the movie, Sebumi’s ex really created more tension between Toma and Sebumi. I thought that the series lacked that romantic angle. I didn’t mind but after seeing how jealousy makes their banter sharper, I approve. Also, I noticed that Sebumi took a back seat and Toma was the center of both stories allowing for Toda Erika to flex her acting skills.

Weak Points

The storyline was convoluted with meaningless sub-plots and gags. There was no flow to the story and more often than not, I found myself reminiscing on the sharp storytelling from the drama. The SP and Ten reeked of too much fanservice. There was a lot of telling and not enough showing. More than half of the time was spent on jokes and trying to be witty.

The movie also did the taboo Star Wars rolling story prophecy. I was mortified.

I was disappointed with the unnecessary characters that kept popping up like flies only to die instantaneously. The conflict was focused around Toma’s SPEC and Ninomae’s dastardly plans to rule the world but as a viewer, I felt no emotional connection to these out-of-character characters. There are flickers of good writing here and there, but without good editing in the drawing room, it’s a pile of crap.

It seemed as if the writing team got together after the show ended and decided to insert and magnify all of the possibly funny scenarios. In the end, they included all of them, one of which is Sebumi in a barrel hurtling down a hill into Ninomae’s not-so-secret lair just as a bomb goes off inside of the building. Look! Sebumi! He’s so dizzy when comes out and he’s so stupid! Doesn’t he realize that the house will blow up? (insert laugh) Kaboom. The only genuinely funny moment was in the SP, when a sound-dampening, dancing SPEC holder appears.

Final Thoughts

If you are a fan, it’s amusing to watch. Sort of. Just pretend it’s a parody of a parody and it should become less disappointing. The end of the movie definitely seemed to imply that another story remained to be told but I don’t think I’ll watch it in theaters.

It lacks finesse, heart and fear. Toma states that she was unafraid of the world when she had her SPEC. It allowed her to do crazy things without worrying about the consequences. The more she uses her power, the lonelier she becomes. Supposedly. If I could make a list for all of the inconsistencies and gag to serious to gag routines, I wouldn’t be able to sleep anytime soon.

Rating: 3/10

3: I wanted to like you. I really did. But you don’t make any sense and I want my ticket out of here.

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